Harry Potter Film Wizardry

Having recently read other behind the scenes Harry Potter books (The Character Vault, The Creature Vault and Magical Places from the Films) I was unsure whether I would learn much more by picking up “Harry Potter Film Wizardry” but the positive reviews for it on Amazon persuaded me that it was worth a look.

I’ll admit that I didn’t really learn anything from this book that I hadn’t already learnt from the other three Harry Potter books, but there were so many more photos in this book.

Along with all the new photos were several other cool things, including prop replicas such as Harry’s Letter, a Marauders Map, a Quidditch World Cup Programme, Advanced Potion Making, and a Yule Ball menu among other things. The replicas are all brilliant, many of which I’m too scared to get out and look at properly (like the Marauders Map).

The book is really nicely laid out, with many pages in the style of the Daily Prophet, or other designers notebooks. The book is mostly in chronological order, working its way through each of the films and the characters.

Photo 06-02-2016, 17 59 37

All in all Film Wizardry is a good book and I’ve loved looking through it. Although I didn’t really learn anything different from this book as I did in the other three books mentioned, I would recommend the book to anyone who wants a good look behind the scenes in the making of all the Harry Potter films. Plus it looks great on my bookcase with the other books and “Harry Potter from Page to Screen”!


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