Meet Me in Manhattan

For Christmas I got given a book token to spend. Now I haven’t actually bought any books from a book shop in quite a while! I generally buy my books on-line because they’re a lot cheaper and I don’t mind buying second hand books too!

So I headed to WH Smith and checked out their buy 1 get 1 half price section because I genuinely didn’t know what book(s) I might like to buy with the voucher. I have most of the books that I want to read at the moment!

I firstly picked up “Meet Me in Manhattan” because of its cover (but what isn’t to like about this cover!) and the fact that I knew it would be partly based in New York, and I love reading books set in places that I’ve been to! But when I picked the book up I’d never heard of the author Claudia Carroll, which is why I was even more worried when I heard she was a best selling author yet I hadn’t stumbled across any of her books! But that didn’t put me off too much and I enjoyed the book.

Meet Me in Manhattan is basically on-line dating going wrong. Holly is a journalist (of sorts) in Dublin and has been failing on the dating scene for a while now. Holly however decides to try out an on-line dating site, where she meets Captain Andy McCoy. Holly falls head over heels for Andy, a widower with a six year old son who works for Delta airlines. However after being stood up on three separate occasions by “Andy” Holly finds out the truth about him with some help from her best friend, Joy.

On tracking down Andy McCoy Holly finds herself in New York, but will she find love while there?

Meet Me in Manhattan was a great book. I loved all of it and there were several points where I was reading it before bed and but couldn’t put the book down to go to sleep! The characters were really lovable, especially Holly and Mike and I could imagine a lot of the story happening in my mind which I loved.

The book is great as well in that it faces what I imagine now is quite a prevalent problem… The dangers of meeting people on-line, particularly on internet dating sites.

All in all the book was great. It had a lot of twists and turns in the plot and I loved it and would really enjoy reading more about each of the characters in the future. My only complaint is that sometimes I found myself getting frustrated that we weren’t just told several things that “happened”, and often left you guessing and trying to work things out yourself… and then you get completely the wrong idea of the story! But anyway, this is a good book that I would recommend to anyone who enjoys romance/chick lit books!


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