Harry Potter: Magical Places from the Films

Having read both “Harry Potter the Character Vault” and “Harry Potter the Creature Vault” I was looking forward to getting my hands on “Harry Potter: Magical Places from the Films”, the third book in this series.

I’d asked for the book for Christmas but unfortunately I didn’t get it and I decided I couldn’t wait any longer and quickly bought it off Amazon (along with Harry Potter Film Wizardry, which I’m waiting to arrive).

I absolutely adore this book. I won’t lie, I also have “Harry Potter from Page to Screen” and there is overlap between the two books but it is really nice to have something of a more manageable size to have a look through.

Magical Places from the films takes us through several Harry Potter sets including the Dursley’s house, Diagon Alley, Kings Cross Station, Hogwarts (its grounds and classrooms), Hogsmeade, The Ministry of Magic and finally Wizarding Homes (such as the Burrow and Godric’s Hollow).

For each section we are presented with beautiful concept arts, design work, art work as well as screen caps and production photographs. There is also lovely commentary as to how sets came about, how their filming locations were chosen, how they were filmed (including many secrets – you’ll never look at Harry Potter the same way), as well as information as to where they were filmed (in the studio or on location, and if so where these locations are).

This book includes one of my favourite pieces of concept art from Harry Potter, that of a snowy Hogsmeade, a piece of art I first saw while at the WB Studio Tour in London.


All in all this is a beautiful book, a must for any Harry Potter fan and I am really pleased to have it in my collection. Yes some places are missed out and there could be more detail about some of the locations but that doesn’t worry me too much as there are so many beautiful pictures and it’s so full of information and I just love it!




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