Harry Potter – The Creature Vault

Having really enjoyed “Harry Potter – The Character Vault” I was really looking forward to reading “The Creature Vault” but sadly I have been left a little disappointed by it.

“The Creature Vault” is my first book of 2016 and it was full of lovely Harry Potter-ness. The Creature Vault takes us through many of the creatures found in the Harry Potter series, including Hedwig, Scabbers, Crookshanks, Warewolves, Dragons, Animagi, Dementors, the Whomping Willow etc.

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This book explains to us some of the thoughts and designs behind the creatures of Harry Potter. Sadly however the book doesn’t go in to as much detail of the creatures as the Character Vault did for the characters. The Creature Vault was sadly lacking in much description for the creatures, now how they were digitally or physically created. One or two of the creatures were well discussed, like the Basillisk and the Hungarian Horntail, but apart from this I was disappointed that there wasn’t much detail.

Don’t get me wrong the book is good as it is filled with lots of beautiful images, both concept art and screen captures but there just wasn’t as much writing/detail as I might have hoped for.

Now on to “Harry Potter: Magical Places from the Films”.


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