The Christmas Party

I’m currently on a mission to read 50 books in 2015 and finishing this book marks number 48. I have 2 books left to read to reach 50!

I picked up a couple of Carole Matthew’s books back in the summer on eBay but because they were both Christmas books I put off reading them until now. So after “Calling Mrs Christmas” came “The Christmas Party”.

I don’t think I’d say that “The Christmas Party” was better than “Calling Mrs Christmas” and if anything I’d say the latter was the better of the two books. The Christmas Party is set over the period of 23rd to 25th December following a select few employees of the company “Fossil Oil” in their lead up to Christmas, including their Christmas party. We mainly follow Louise Young, a relatively new employee of Fossil Oil, who after a disasterous relationship with another guy is left deep in debt with a daughter in the mix. Louise has returned home to live with her parents in an attempt to clear some of her debt that she has and having landed a job in Fossil Oil seems to make her future look a bit brighter.

Lousise is PA to Tyler Benson, the Sales director of Fossil Oil. Tyler is a sexual predator who spends time feeling up his PAs and his eyes are firmly set on Louise. However Tyler’s wife is feeling somewhat neglected due to Tyler’s commitment to his job and as soon as an old friend – Simon Conway comes back in to her life her feelings for him come back. Tyler however has been having an affair with Melissa Harvey, the wife of his boss, Lance. But Tyler is only sleeping with Melissa in order to gain information from her. Lance on the other hand is battling with a drinking problem leaving Melissa to find attention from elsewhere. On attending the work Christmas party a lot of secrets begin to surface and will Louise fall for Josh, her colleague at Fossil Oil?

The Christmas Party was an OK book. I wouldn’t say that it was brilliant because it was quite jumpy and it took me a while to familiarise myself with who was who in the book. The story revolves around Louise, Tyler, Lance, Melissa and Kirstin seeing how their love lives develop, or nosedive within the space of 48h. The characters were mostly likeable and I did’t want to stop reading at any point, but it just felt the story was lacking a bit in some ways. Anyway it was a good Christmassy book that could probably be read at any point of the year without feeling too Christmassy.

Now on to “Quidditch Through the Ages” in an attempt to get to 50 books by the end of the year.


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