Calling Mrs Christmas

So I’ve finally finished another book! 😀 Unfortunately the speed at which I’m getting through books has dropped with starting a full time job… But it didn’t help with the new series of “I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here” being on in the evenings, so I was watching that rather than reading before bed!

Anyway my latest read was “Calling Mrs Christmas” by Carole Matthews. I picked this up back in the summer but had put off reading it purely because I refuse to start thinking about Christmas until after my birthday! But I did break that this year by reading Giovanna Fletcher’s “Dream a Little Christmas Dream” back in October!

I’d already read “The Cake Shop in the Garden” by Carole Matthews in June and I was looking forward to trying out some more of her books.

Calling Mrs Christmas was a lovely book to get me thinking more about Christmas. We follow Cassie, a lovely lady who has been made redundant earlier in the year and is struggling to find another job. She lives with her lovely partner Jim who works in a young offenders “prison” and Jim supports her with absolutely everything that she does. Then Cassie comes up with the brilliant idea of starting up her own business dedicated to helping people get ready for Christmas, writing Christmas cards, decorating Christmas trees, organising parties, making cakes, mince pies, and much more.

Initially it takes a while for Cassie’s business to take off but after Carter Randell comes in to her life Cassie’s work load increases dramatically. Jim befriends two of the young lads in his “prison” and before he knows it he’s taken them under his wing and brings them in to help Cassie with her business. But when Cassie is asked to go to Lapland on the trip that she has organised for Carter Randell (and his 2 children) she is initially hesitant, but with Jim’s encouragement she decides to go along. However things change when she comes back… Does she still have feelings for Jim or will she run to Carter who can hand her everything she’s ever wanted – money, a beautiful house, two children, and the chance to have Children of her own?

I loved reading Calling Mrs Christmas. The story was brilliant and I didn’t expect the ending. I loved how Jim and Cassie took Smudge and Rosser (the two lads from Jim’s work) in and cared for them and helped them get back on their feet in the outside world. I did find myself getting annoyed at Carter (and Cassie) and did half expect to find myself reading about Carter and Cassie “making love” because they couldn’t stop themselves but it was lovely to see how faithful to Jim Cassie was, even when she couldn’t make her mind up.

One of my big problems with books is the length of chapters. I hate chapters to be too long so you can’t easily find somewhere to stop and put the book down, and I really don’t like chapters to be too short because sometimes you fall into the illusion that you’ve read loads but in reality you’ve only read a few pages. Calling Mrs Christmas had a lovely mix of both long and short chapters, admittedly they were mostly short chapters, but the story kept moving at a good pace so the short chapters were ok for me this time! XD

Calling Mrs Christmas was a great book with really enjoyable characters and a great story and I would really recommend it to anyone who wants a book to settle down with over Christmas!


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