Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone – The Illustrated Edition

I’d seen Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone, the illustrated edition advertised a while ago but I didn’t want to rush in to buying it in case it wasn’t very good, but now I’m so glad I bought it!

I’d originally picked this book to give to one of my best friends for her birthday but after seeing some of the pictures in it I couldn’t not buy myself one. Not only because of how beautiful it is, but also because I knew if I didn’t buy a second copy I’d never give the first one to my friend! XD

Anyway, I’ve not read the book yet because it’s “Harry Potter” and if you didn’t like Harry Potter you wouldn’t buy the book. But I’ve had such a good look through all the beautiful drawings that the book contains, and it is so beautiful.

I don’t want to give away all the brilliance of the book by showing you all loads of photos from it, but here are a selection of my favourite drawings from the book. I hope you enjoy and are tempted to go and buy the book yourself!

Photo 02-12-2015, 19 58 08

Photo 02-12-2015, 20 00 12

Photo 02-12-2015, 19 57 41

Photo 02-12-2015, 19 58 40

Photo 02-12-2015, 19 59 15

Photo 02-12-2015, 20 00 47


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