A Girl’s Best Friend

I absolutely love Lindsey Kelk’s books and after finishing Always the Bridesmaid back in the summer I was incredibly excited to hear that Lindsey Kelk had another new book coming out in 2015.

First things first, what isn’t to love about the cover of this book. It is sooooo lovely you can’t help but feel all snug and festive just looking at it. And it gets so much better when you actually snuggle up in bed and read it!

Tess Brookes has had a disastrous 6 months. Everything in her life has changed after she found out that her ex flatmate (Vanessa) had stolen her photos (and camera) to gain a job as a photographer. But Tess’s life changed even further when she answered Vanessa’s phone one day. Tess has visited both Hawaii and Milan and struggled with her feelings over two guys along the way.

Deciding last minute to head to New York to visit her best friend Amy (and her old friend Al and co.) Tess lands (or perhaps you could say blags) herself a photography job for none other than Angela Clarke (editor of the US Gloss magazine) meeting Angela’s friend Jenny Lopez on the way. Tess also then bumps in to Nick in New York, one of the guys she is unsure whether she is in love with or not. After a disastrous meeting with him Tess spends Christmas in New York with Amy still unsure of who she is in love with; Nick, or her best friend Charlie from home. But who will Tess decide to try a relationship with? Nick or Charlie?

Firstly I need a fan girl moment! I absolutely adore Lindsey Kelk’s “I Heart Series” and I adore the main characters, particularly Angela. So when I read Tess meeting Angela I had to have a little squeal! It was so amazing to see the two stories collide! It made me so excited! 😀


Anyway, the story was great and not at all predictable. I love both Tess and Amy (Amy reminds me so much of Jenny in the “I Heart” Series) and I was pleased to read about the happiness that both Amy and Tess found at the end of the book. Nick is a somewhat annoying character, but for that reason I love his character more and would love to read more about Tess and Nick in the future.

A Girl’s Best Friend was a great book which I thoroughly enjoyed reading. I would recommend it to anyone and can’t wait to read more of Kelk’s books in the future! 🙂


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