What Would Mary Berry Do?

When looking at books in Amazon’s 3 for £10 offer in the summer I came across “What Would Mary Berry Do?” but put off buying it for a while because I didn’t want to be sitting on lots of unread books. I’m glad I didn’t rush in to buying it too because later on in the summer I was pleased to see the price dropped down to £0.99 on Kindle. Not wanting to miss out on a good deal I quickly bought the book and let it sit on my Kindle for a while until I decided to read it.

I’d been reading Lucy Diamond’s books back to back until Giovanna Fletcher’s “Dream a Little Christmas Dream” came out. As I had my Kindle out and charged up I decided I may as well have a break from Lucy Diamond’s books and read Claire Sandy’s “What Would Mary Berry Do?”.

First off I should stress again that I really dislike buying kindle books for one main reason. I HATE not being able to simply flick forward a few physical pages to find out how far away from the next chapter I am! This was a problem that I really found with this book. The chapters seemed really really really long, which made it hard to easily find places to stop reading!

What Would Mary Berry Do? is about the life of Marie, a working mother, determined to make amends after presenting squashed, shop bought french fancies at her twin daughters (Rose and Iris) and teenage son’s (Angus) school summer fete. During the course of the book we follow Marie who works her way through Mary Berry’s “Baking Bible” as she attempts to improve her baking skills so that she can win “mother” points at next year’s summer fete. During the course of the book we follow Marie in the baking of several different recipes as well as watch her husband, Robert, begin baking too with the help of Paul Hollywood to show off at work. Along the way Marie encounters her neighbour Lucy, who at first seems like a nasty character, but as the book went on Lucy grew on me. Lucy appears to want to show Marie up at every opportunity, always making cakes for the same events that Marie is. But along the way Lucy comes to Marie’s rescue when she foolishly agrees to make a wedding cake for one of her work colleagues (and best friend’s) wedding. From then on Lucy and Marie appear to get on. With other issues thrown in at the end of the book Marie and Lucy are best friends with their lives thrown together more permanently when Robert quits his job.

We also watch Angus in his struggle to work out love and work out who he “fancies”. Again Angus really annoyed me at the start of the book but towards the end I had such a soft spot for him.

All in all “What Would Mary Berry Do?” was a good book. It took me a little while to get into the story, but once I was in I was hooked! I read the last 50% of the book this afternoon! The characters are great once they’ve grown on you and the story is great. I particularly liked the ending where Lucy’s shows her husband the finger and she gets on and eats what she wants rather than trying to conform to his ideal and constant obsession for her to diet!

This is a good book, that is incredibly light hearted, none of your heavy romance here! I would definitely recommend this to anyone who likes books, cake, reading, Great British Bake off and chicklit books!


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