Dream a Little Christmas Dream

I’ve quite enjoyed the latest books by Giovanna Fletcher and I was looking forward to “Dream a Little Christmas Dream” coming out. At the end of “Dream a Little Dream” I was slightly disappointed that we didn’t get to hear more of the relationship between Brett and Sarah, but Dream a Little Christmas Dream does a good job of filling a bit of a gap.

I’m really not one to start thinking about Christmas until after my birthday in the middle of November, so I was in two minds about picking up a Christmas novella at the beginning of October! But I decided to give it a go, so I charged up my Kindle and bought the book off the Kindle store.

I must say the one thing I really really hate about Kindle books vs. “physical” books, is that it is near impossible to tell how far away you are from the next chapter unless you keep pressing the down arrow and then losing your place in the process!

Novellas are difficult because at such a short length the author has to make sure the story gets started straight away and we as the readers aren’t left with all the normal full length story descriptions and everything squeezed in to a 70 page book! I also always find novellas a bit frustrating because I never want them to be over! I always want to know so much more about what happens at the end of the story, particularly in the case of Dream a Little Christmas Dream! Still, I can hope that we will get more of Sarah and Brett in the future from Gi!

With Sarah’s best friend and housemate deciding to move out and with her boyfriend Bett acting a bit strange Sarah is desperate to know what the future holds for her and Brett as Christmas creeps closer and closer.

Dream a Little Christmas Dream was a lovely christmassy story that catches up with Brett, Sarah and all their friends 10 months later. After not getting much about Brett and Sarah’s relationship in Dream a Little Dream it was so lovely to hear more from both of them in this book. The story was good and kept moving at a good pace, and there was a nice little story in there, nothing too much for a 70 page book, but enough for it to feel like a good read! The characters are all likeable and the writing is good, and I will have to say this, but it was much better than “Dream a Little Dream”!

Please give us more books in the future Gi! 😀


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