Summer With My Sister

On Wednesday I started my new job! YAY! But it does mean I don’t have the time like I used to where I could happily sit and read my books all day! Boooo! 😦

But still, this morning I finished reading the next book in my Lucy Diamond readaton: “Summer With My Sister”.

So Summer With My Sister is pretty much what the title says. Two sisters Claire and Polly live incredibly different lives. Polly has an incredibly rich lifestyle living in London, working her socks off in the financial sector, while Claire a divorced mum of two lives in the village in which she grew up working as a receptionist at the local doctors surgery. When things go bad for Polly she is forced back home to live with her family. Frustrated at first Polly hates living back at home and longs to be back in London, but when an old friend re-enters her life she begins to change her mind and Polly changes for the better. Claire meanwhile struggling for money gets an opportunity too good to refuse and gets her big break!

Summer With My Sister was a lovely family-orientated story (a bit like Over You) and I really loved the characters. I particularly loved the change that we saw in Polly, from not caring at all about her family to absolutely adoring them, particularly her little niece and nephew Alex and Leila. The scene with Polly being left to babysit Alex and Leila and ending up watching Harry Potter with them was so lovely and was definitely the key turning point for Polly.

The characters were great and again I loved the ending and would really love to see more of Polly and Claire and their respective new boyfriends and Claire’s new business. Again Lucy Diamond has delivered another really great book, one that I struggled to put down and really really enjoyed reading.

Now on to “Me and Mr Jones”!


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