Sweet Temptation

It isn’t very often that you will find a book like this one! What can I say? This book was amazing! It made me feel so warm and happy and it was just so lovely! The final chapter also brought a tear to my eye and it really isn’t very often that books/films/TV have that sort of impact on me!

Sweet Temptation follows the lives of three ladies: Maddie, Lauren and Jess. Maddie is a married mother of two who works for “Brum FM”, however people are going on at her about her size, her mum and her boss Collette who humiliates her live on radio. On top of this, humiliation from a gym instructor leaves Maddie feeling incredibly low. Then in walks Jess. Jess works as a beautician at the gym Maddie has just had her induction at. Forward on a few days and Maddie and Jess meet again at “FatBusters” where both have their own reasons for being there, Maddie being “forced” to by nasty Collette and Jess because she wants to lose weight for her wedding. Maddie and Jess then meet Lauren who manages a dating agency. All three become friends as they go through their “FatBusting” mission together. Throw in to the mix the death of Maddie’s mother, a bully of a boyfriend, postponed weddings and unsuccessful dates, but will the girls all help each other to keep going with their mission of losing weight?

First things first, I think having a book like this out there is absolutely brilliant! There is so much pressure in today’s society about how a woman should look, and that everyone should have a size 10 figure etc. etc. etc. but that’s not that case! It is totally ok to be a bit curvy and not be a stick thin model like we are so often faced with these days! Yes ok I’m a size 10 and I enjoy walking places and going for a run several times a week on the treadmill but not everyone is like that and nor do they have to be! This book is truly motivating and I think it’s great to watch the journey and difficulties that people who decide to lose weight face and actually it has really motivated me too to keep going with my running and help me strive towards my goal of running a distance race at some point in the (near) future!

On top of the storyline Lucy Diamond manages to create brilliant characters. I totally loved Maddie and Jess, and found myself liking Lauren more and more as we went through the book. You can’t help but feel sorry for each of the characters at different points through the book, particularly Maddie. But I love the way that Lucy Diamond has written the characters as each were easy to relate to in some way and I loved the friendship that was created between the three main characters. I think that is one key thing that comes out of all of Lucy Diamond’s books so far, is the brilliantly written friendships!

All in all the book was brilliant, and truly inspiring and motivating. The characters were really likeable and the story wasn’t at all predictable. It must have been good too as I started having dreams about the characters one night! But I really liked the book and would recommend it to anyone!

I’m really looking forward to moving on to “Summer With My Sister” now!


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