Hens Reunited

Not wanting to pick up Wicked again in a hurry I decided to carry on reading more of my Lucy Diamond books. I decided I’d keep reading in published order meaning it was the turn of “Hens Reunited”.

Hens Reunited was a great book, full of drama and fun. Alice, Georgia and Katie have all been friends since university and have each had their own share of relationship issues. Katie got married at a young age and within a year was divorced and consequently is scared of ever getting married again. Alice was totally stitched up by journalist (and friend) Georgia who broke the news to the world (and pregnant Alice) that her famous TV star husband was in a relationship with another woman.

With Alice determined to start a new life away from the media and press and Katie too scared to enter in to a new marriage, and Georgia trying to make amends with Alice and herself, will the girls all come together again to help each other save their relationships?

Hens Reunited was a really good book and I really enjoyed reading it. I enjoyed seeing all the different characters and their relationships and although the chapters were very much segmented by character I never felt like I missed any of the story. The book was full of twists and the characters were great, particularly Alice and Katie. Georgia was a bit annoying, and her ending was a bit unexpected, but it was great.

Again, like all the other Lucy Diamond books that I’ve read, I would really recommend this one 🙂


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