Any Way You Want Me

After loving the Beach Café stories and Summer at Shell Cottage I couldn’t wait to pick up my next Lucy Diamond book. I decided to go back to the beginning and pick up Lucy Diamond’s first book and I was not disappointed! I absolutely loved “Any Way You Want Me” and really really really struggled to put it down!

We follow Sadie, a mother of 2 with a 2 year old daughter, Molly, and a 5 month old baby, Nathan, and Sadie’s partner Alex, as well as many of Sadie’s, (and Alex’s) friends. The story revolves around Sadie, a stay at home mum, who gets herself into a dangerous situation with Alex’s boss’ husband, Mark.

Just after Sadie realises how ‘dangerous’ Mark is she bumps into him while out for a run one evening, and they start planning regular meetings in the evening, while Sadie is out for a “run”. But will Alex find out what Sadie is up to behind his back?

On top of all of this Sadie starts to lie to people about her life, turning her boring life into a more exciting one, where she is involved in many TV shows… But will everyone start seeing through Sadie’s lies?

“Any Way You Want Me” is a great book that I’m so glad I picked up. I really really enjoyed it. I loved the characters, the story had so many twists to it and it really did keep you guessing! I did find myself thinking “why Sadie, why?!” at times during the book, and I did feel like Saidie was a bit of a push over at times, but all in all I loved the book and can’t wait to pick up the next of Lucy Diamond’s books!


3 thoughts on “Any Way You Want Me

  1. Which of Lucy’s books would you recommend to start with?? I absolutely love chick-lit, but every time I look at Lucy’s books I am struck with an indecision as to which should be the first for me! 🙂

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