To Be Read

I’m currently on the job hunt and finding myself with *quite* a lot of spare time in which I wonder what on earth to do with myself. One way in which I’m passing time is reading.

I love reading and over the last few months, since finishing my final university exams, I’ve read 18 books, and I’m fast running out of new books to read! Having recently discovered both Lucy Diamond and Carole Mathews I decided to head to Amazon and Ebay to see if I could pick up any bargains on there!

Bargains I did find… I now have 7 books waiting on my bookcase to be read:

  1. Any Way You Want Me – Lucy Diamond
  2. Over You – Lucy Diamond
  3. Hens Reunited – Lucy Diamond
  4. Sweet Temptation – Lucy Diamond
  5. Me and Mr Jones – Lucy Diamond
  6. Calling Mrs Christmas – Carole Matthews
  7. The Christmas Party – Carole Matthews

4 thoughts on “To Be Read

  1. I’ve read all of those, and I have to say, my favourite is Calling Mrs. Christmas, swiftly followed by Sweet Temptation! Feeling quite jealous about all the lovely reading time you have ahead of you!!! Enjoy 🙂

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