The Light Between Oceans

I came across this book on Goodreads as it was part of the bookclub a while ago. I had a quick look at the blurb and reviews and thought it sounded pretty good, so I made use of my Amazon prime and got hold of the book to take away with me last week.

Firstly I must say that the book cover isn’t particularly attractive, but like they say, “don’t judge a book by its cover” and I’m glad I didn’t!

The Light Between Oceans is an emotionally charged book, and kept me gripped all the way through. The characters are likeable and the writing really good.

We follow the lives and Tom and his wife Izzy as they head out to Janus rock, an isolated lighthouse off the coast of Australia. Izzy is desperate for a family, but she struggles to have one of her own. After 3 miscarriages a baby washes up on the island in a boat, along with the baby’s father who is dead. Tom and Izzy face a tough decision, do they tell the truth and send the baby to shore, or do they keep it all a secret and keep the baby? Izzy is fuelled with grief after losing 3 of her own children, and this clouds her judgement leading her to decide to keep the baby. But as time goes on the truth about the baby (Lucy) becomes clearer, and it becomes harder and harder for Tom and Izzy to let go.

My only real complaint about the book is that it jumps around a lot between characters and time, which sometimes made it confusing and I had to go back and read bits again so I fully understood who the book was talking about.

All in all “The Light Between Oceans” is a good book, with a really emotional storyline, incredibly likeable and relatable characters, and it kept me gripped through the whole thing. Definitely recommend!


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