The Longest Ride

I do enjoy a Nicholas Sparks book, but I have to admit that I struggle to get in to the books sometimes, and “The Longest Ride” was no exception. I picked up this book as I saw the film was coming out. I loved both “The Last Song” and “Safe Haven”, and I also loved “The Longest Ride”.

In “The Longest Ride” we follow Luke and Sophia as they start to build a relationship together after meeting by chance at a bull riding event. We also follow the lives of both Ruth and Ira, as Ira fights for his life after a car accident, with the “ghost” of his wife keeping him company while he waits to be rescued by Luke and Sophia.

I had read a few chapters of this book before going to see the film, and now that I have finished the film I can see all the differences that there are between the film and the book! The film is still good and does roughly follow the book, but it does stray in some aspects, and I think I do prefer the film in the way that Luke and Sophia do get to know Ira before he passes away, while in the book they don’t.

However this is a good book. It kept me gripped (in particular the Luke and Sophia parts) once I got going, and the characters are likeable. My only complaint is that it does get a bit confusing how there are 2 different stories going on! But all in all a good book, with a good story 🙂


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