Dream a Little Dream

I was pretty excited when I head Gi had another book coming out, after all, I enjoyed “You’re the One that I Want” and I adored “Billy and Me” and “Christmas with Billy and Me” (please, if you see this Gi give us another Billy and Me story!!!!!), however I will say I was a little bit disappointed with “Dream a Little Dream”.

Through the story we follow Sarah and her uni friends who have all moved down to London after university. Sarah still hangs round with her ex – Dan, who now is in a relationship with Lexie. Sarah’s best friend and flatmate Carly also gets together with one of the “gang” – Josh.

Sarah works for a reality TV company, and begins to have dreams about a man – Brett Last. A guy who she met briefly at university. Brett then walks (back) into Sarah’s life when he lands himself a job at he company Sarah works for. Brett and Sarah work together developing a new idea for a TV show, with Brett blatantly fancying Sarah, and Sarah obviously loving Brett, yet the emotions she feels from her dreams appear to stop her from giving things a chance with “real” Brett.

Don’t get me wrong, this is a good book. The characters are enjoyable, the descriptions are amazing, and there are many many twists in the plot, however I feel the book could have been much longer. I got frustrated at Sarah’s lack of willingness to go on dates with “real” Brett despite the fact it was obvious they both fancied each other. To be honest, that was probably the only real thing that annoyed me about the book. I just wanted Brett and Sarah to get together and give each other a chance, but that didn’t happen. But who knows, maybe in the future Gi will write a sequel to “Dream a Little Dream” and we will see far more of Sarah and Brett!

But like I said, it’s a good book to curl up with, and an enjoyable summer (or even winter) read.


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