Henderson’s Boys – One Shot Kill

Unfortunately this won’t be a very good review as I read “One Shot Kill” and “Scorched Earth” in such quick succession that I’m struggling to remember what came in which book XD

I have to admit that I wasn’t as taken by “One Shot Kill” as I was by all the other Henderson’s Boys books that led up to it, but it was still a good book. However we only seem to focus on a few of the “agents” rather than all of them.

There are some gruesome and disturbing scenes within the book, so it is definitely not for younger readers, but it does give some good insight into what things were like during WW2, and so can be called somewhat factual.

Although it has some disturbing scenes, there are plenty of funny moments in the book too!

A good read, but like I said before, I wouldn’t say that this book was as good as the others in the Henderson’s Boys series.


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