Henderson’s Boys – The Prisoner

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The Prisoner is an absolutely amazing book! It follows Marc as he fights to leave the German labour camp that he is sent to at the end of Grey Wolves. This review contains spoilers!

I love Marc’s character and was so glad to have a story totally dedicated to him. At the beginning we see Marc having made some friends in his first labour camp he is sent to. Living on a prisoner ship with 5 other boys who all have a good relationship, and look out for each other in the living arrangements. However Marc’s ability to speak German lands him a “cushy” job in the German gestapo offices, where he is treated favourably by his boss. This leads to jealousy amongst many of the other boys who live on the prison ship.

Marc helps 3 of his friends escape, by forging release papers. He tries to escape with them but gets sent back to the prison ship and fails to escape. However on returning he finds some bullies have moved into his old dormitory with them, and Marc finds himself being badly beaten up.

After a month away in hospitals Marc returns to another prison ship, where he is placed under the care of a different Gestapo officer who holds a grudge against him, forcing him to work with a labour group who clear out the sewers. Marc soon becomes ill. But eventually he escapes. After a long, nerving time on the run from the Gestapo, Marc safely arrives back in France, being returned to his orphanage which he ran away from 2 years previously.

Marc then returns to work on the farm which he worked on prior to running away, and falls (back) in love with the farmer’s daughter – Jae. After a failed ally invasion of France Marc finds himself helping out two soldiers who have managed to survive the invasion, leading him to return to Paris where he makes contact with a Parisian resistance group. Initially he is caught, but is helped out by Maxine who Henderson had relations with while they were hiding out in France, prior to Marc, Rosie, PT, Paul and Henderson returning to England.

With Maxine’s help Marc manages to return back to England. He’s upset from leaving his friends back at the orphanage in France, in particular Jae, but he is happy to be returned back to Henderson and his other friends on the CHERUB campus.

This was such a gripping read, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who has read any of the other Henderson’s Boys book as well as the CHERUB books!


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