Henderson’s Boys – Grey Wolves

Photo 09-06-2015 12 57 55

Now I’m into my summer holidays and totally finished with university I’m back to the books. Nothing beats sitting around reading for most of the day!

I’ve loved the CHERUB books since I was first introduced to them in a year 8 English lesson, however I was slow to get into the Henderson’s Boys series, despite having bought the first three books a while ago. After some encouragement from one of my housemates (who also loves the CHERUB books) I finally got in to reading Henderson’s Boys, and I’m so so so glad that I did!

I read the first three books over a few months and after finishing the third one, and seeing the final four second hand on eBay on offer at 4 for the price of 3, I couldn’t resist.

Grey Wolves is a great book. It’s fairly educational, in that it covers events of WW2, and shows what life in occupied France in the 1940s may have been like. It had my gripped and I read it over 2 days and could hardly put it down. It is full of action and every chapter has you gripped and want to read on. There are some somewhat violent bits in the book, but it’s still a great read and would thoroughly recommend it to anyone!


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