Pitch Perfect 2


If you’re like me and absolutely love the first Pitch Perfect you will not be disappointed by its sequel!

Pitch Perfect 2 follows the lives of the Bellas after a disastrous performance in front of Obama sees them forbidden from entering any other a cappella competitions other than the world championships, as well as stopping them from recruiting any new members. But that doesn’t stop newbie Emily Junk from seeking them out, and with the help of her “legacy” status (her mother was a Bella), she gets accepted into the Bellas.

Pitch Perfect 2 sees Becca doing an internship at a music production company, leading her to somewhat neglect the Bellas. We are also introduced to the German a cappella champions “Das Sound Machine”, seeing them “fighting” against the Bellas for the title of world a cappella champions. Bumper also returns to Barden in an attempt to rejoin the Treblemakers (now he works as a security guard for Barden), and in doing so he ends up falling for Fat Amy.

We also see more of Benji, who falls in love with newbie Bella Emily. :O

Pitch Perfect 2 is a great film, full of laughs, and is a sequel that more than lives up to its predecessor Pitch Perfect. Pitch Perfect 2 is full of great songs, some of which are probably better than those from the first film!

If you loved Pitch Perfect you are bound to love Pitch Perfect 2!


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