All I Know Now


I’ll admit that I was a bit apprehensive picking up this book by Carrie Hope Fletcher as I wasn’t too sure how “relevant” it would be to me as a 21 year old final year university student. Ok it isn’t that relevant to me at this point in time, but I can definitely see how it could be relevant to teenagers and those younger than me. However there were two chapters that felt relevant to me, but in particular it was the one on relationships.

I had my first relationship last summer that lasted for a few months, and until I read this book I sometimes struggled still coming to terms with that relationship, but Carrie gave me some of the best advice ever, and since reading this book I haven’t felt anything like I did before!

So like I said it may not be relevant to everyone, but there is no doubt that there is something in this book for everyone no matter where they are in their life. Even if you may not need the advice now, you may well find yourself coming back to a section of this book in the future, and it was well and truly worth a read.


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