Life Update – I Have a Job!!

So I’m sorry for the lack of posts at the weekend… I’ve had a bit of a busy few days!

Last week my brother was looking after his friend’s dog (Roxy), but my brother was away with work for 2 nights… So I was in charge of looking after Roxy… all by myself! So from Monday to Wednesday last week I had the fun job of looking after Roxy the little yorkiepoo πŸ™‚ It was good fun, but a bit weird having a shadow following me absolutely everywhere… not to mention sharing a bed with her… which was cute but a bit uncomfortable!

Photo 15-03-2018, 09 14 46

Anyway, then on Thursday I had an interview at Whipsnade Zoo. I’d done quite a lot of prep for this interview as it was a job I was really interested in. Anyway, so I had that interview and I thought it went pretty well, but I’ve now learnt through having had 9 other interviews that I should never get my hopes up after an interview.

On Friday morning I then had another interview before heading off for the weekend. Last weekend my brother came home with tickets for the Liverpool Vs Watford match. He (usually) didn’t want to go, so mum offered to take me instead. So on Friday afternoon we headed up to Liverpool.

I’ve only ever been to one football match before (Newcastle Vs Benfica) but I quite like Liverpool (and Mo Salah) and was quite excited. It was a brilliant match where Liverpool won 5-0 with Mo Salah scoring 4 of the goals πŸ™‚ I’ll do another post about my time in Liverpool this weekend πŸ™‚

Photo 17-03-2018, 19 17 39Photo 17-03-2018, 19 17 45

Anyway, we came home Sunday and yesterday (Monday) I got offered the job I’d interviewed for on Thursday πŸ˜€ I was in a bit of conflict whether or not to take it as it is only a 6 month contract and I’m only guaranteed 6.5h a week. BUT the thought of doing that job makes me so excited AND the likelihood is that I’ll be able to pick up quite a few extra hours πŸ™‚ The funny thing is, that I got offered another job too yesterday, which as I’ll only be working part time in the other job I may be able to think about two jobs once I’l settled (working back at the school I worked at in 2015-2016). What is it they say? It never rains… it pours?

So I now, quite unexpectedly have a job…. and I start tomorrow! From tomorrow I’ll be doing 3 days of first aid training then I have my first shift on Saturday night πŸ™‚ I’ll basically for the most part be working late afternoon until late at night (which luckily for me means the M25 won’t be so busy)!

I’m honestly so excited for this job! It has all happened so quickly! The one thing I’m not so excited about is the drive around the M25 every day I’m working! :/

Anyway, I’m going to try and write this weekend’s blog posts today too so that I can definitely post at the weekend πŸ™‚

I hope this post wasn’t too rambly and you enjoyed it? πŸ™‚ I’ll leave you with a photo of the cupcakes I made yesterday πŸ™‚

Photo 19-03-2018, 11 59 45Photo 19-03-2018, 11 59 36


Homesickness at University

If you’ve never spent a considerable amount of time away from home before homesickness can hit you badly. I went to university 300 miles away from home, and it wasn’t an option for me to go home whenever I felt like it (well, it would have cost me around Β£200). But I don’t regret moving so far away from home, and actually I still believe that going to uni that far away from home was the making of me.


Homesickness isn’t fun, it can be horrible. I remember when it hit me the first time in my first year at uni. It wasn’t within the first few weeks of being in Newcastle, in fact it only really hit me about 2 weeks before I was due to go home for Christmas. Suddenly I was overwhelmed with lots of deadlines, having not been home for 2 months, the anxiety of getting myself home, worrying about my first university exams, as well as trying to think about finding somewhere (and someone) to live in second year.

So the point of this post? Not to share all of my homesickness stories, but to give you some tips about how to deal with homesickness πŸ™‚

1. Make your room homely

Don’t worry what people say, but if you can bring things from home then do. Your favourite duvet cover, favourite cushion, photos from home, favourite pyjamas, even your teddy! Bringing things from home will help your room feel more familiar and more like yours.

2. Distract yourself

Call/FaceTime your friends/family. Arrange a pizza/film night with your flatmates, get on with some work, go shopping. Do anything but sit around thinking about it. I know it’s easier said than done but sitting around by yourself and doing nothing is the worst thing to do.

3. Tell someoneΒ 

Tell your friends/family home you’re feeling. You can almost guarantee someone else is feeling the same. Even if you’re not the most social of people, having a few friends/coursemates at uni will help.


4. Try not to go home

If you live down the road from home try not to go home unless you really have to. Knowing how to get yourself through these hard times without the option of going home will really help you in the long run.


5. It will get better

Remind yourself it will get better. I promise it will get better and you’ll wonder what on earth you were so upset about. During my MSc there was one day I properly broke down on the phone to my mum. My room was so hot, I wasn’t sleeping, I was tired, I was annoyed at the guy in the room next door to me… It was all so much. But later that evening when I’d gathered myself I couldn’t help but laugh at myself wondering what I’d got so upset about. It will get better.


I hope that some people may find this post helpful πŸ™‚ Let me know if it helps you or if you’ve gone through homesickness yourself.

How do you go about combatting homesickness?

My 2018 Books (January – March)

The main reason I started this blog was to share book reviews but I don’t think I’ve written a single post about books yet this year. That’s mainly because I don’t think many of the books I’ve read so far have been review worthy, but it feels wrong to not write about what books I’ve been reading! πŸ™‚ So today I thought I’d share with you the books that I’ve read so far this year.

Game Ranger in your Backpack

Ok, so this was more of a skim read through than a proper thorough read, but before I went to South Africa I decided to have a little read up on some of the animals I could expect to see on safari. Mum had this book from previous trips to South Africa and I decided to give it a read. We actually took it to South Africa with us as it was more useful in context rather than reading it as a standalone book, but it was a great book which was easy to read and gives a good deal of information about the most common animals found on safari in South Africa πŸ™‚

The Fault in Our Stars

I bought this last year when it was on the Kindle daily deal for 99p as I knew I wanted to read it one day. I read this while on South Africa and I quite enjoyed it. I mean the film was obviously very true to the book which was really good to see, but I was surprised how much I enjoyed reading this as I didn’t particularly enjoy the film that much!

Happy Mum, Happy Baby

Firstly I will say I’m not pregnant and am not planning to get pregnant in a hurry! I love Giovanna Fletcher, I think she is such a lovely, wonderful person. When this was again in the Kindle daily deals for 99p I decided to buy it. It was an interesting read, and actually I think it was more about Gi and her family rather than like pregnancy and a parenting guide. But it was an interesting read even for someone not pregnant/with kids!

Blue Planet 2

My brother bought me the book to go alongside the Blue Planet 2 series for Christmas and it took me a while to get through, mainly as I was away for a lot of January and it isn’t exactly a portable book! Anyway, it was a good read with lots of great photos but it wasn’t really any different to the TV show, in that you don’t really learn anything new that you haven’t seen in TV. Maybe I’d have been better off reading it a while after watching it on TV, but still it was a good book to read.

All That See Can See

Again, this was another Kindle book that was a daily deal for 99p and I finally got round to reading it. This is the first of Carrie Hope Fletcher’s novels that I’ve read (I’ve read All I Know Now), and I wasn’t too sure what to expect really having seen quite a lot of mixed reviews. Anyway, it was quite an enjoyable read, more so than I was expecting! It was a bit of a strange story but not awful or anything!

Walking the Himalayas

I watched this series in TV back in 2016 and found it fascinating and since then I’ve enjoyed all of Levison Wood’s adventures. I also read Walking the Nile last year. Anyway, this was an enjoyable and really interesting book which I’d really recommend to anyone who loves a good travel book.

Eddie the Eagle: My Story

Whenever I’m feeling a bit rubbish about things in life I watch “Eddie the Eagle”. It is an incredibly uplifting story. I remember the first time I heard of Eddie the Eagle when I was quite young when we were visiting an old Olympic ski jump in Austria or France or somewhere. I’d been looking at the wall and I’d asked mum if there had ever been any British ski jumpers as there weren’t any on the wall. Anyway, since then I’ve been quite captivated by the story. I think with the Winter Olympics on I was in to it all a bit more, anyway, I found that Eddie the Eagle had released an autobiography and I decided to buy it on Kindle to have a read. It was quite a short but enjoyable read where I learnt more about the real story (not the story in the film).

The Vile Village, The Hostile Hospital and The Carnivorous Carnival

I grew up with A Series of Unfortunate Events and I don’t think I’ve ever re-read the series. With the new Netflix episodes due out at the end of this month I decided I wanted to catch up with the books again after I’d read books 1-4 for the release of the first episodes on Netflix. So I started reading books 7-9 again (I read books 5 & 6 last year). It is funny how hard and different books seem when you’re 10. These books took me little time at all to re-read and although I quite enjoyed them I realised actually how little storyline there is to each individual book. But that said, I’m glad I’ve re-read them and I’m looking forward to the new Netflix episodes coming out in a couple of weeks πŸ™‚

Photo 11-03-2018, 10 01 04

Weekend in the Isle of Man

So last weekend I set off for the Isle of Man for a long weekend. You may ask why I went to the Isle of Man this time of year? Well, we have family out there, but other than that there is very little to do out there this time of year.

On Wednesday evening before we were due to fly out to the Isle of Man we were faced with snow. Within the space of a few hours this….

Photo 28-02-2018, 17 18 13

Turned to this….

Photo 28-02-2018, 21 55 13

Let’s just say, we weren’t sure whether we would even make it out to the Isle of Man on Thursday morning! After a hairy drive we made it to Gatwick airport and waited to see if we were going to get there…

But we made it!

From the airport we went to visit family. Mum’s Aunt, Uncle and Cousin (and his family) live out on the Isle of Man, so we headed to mum’s aunt’s house first.

After spending some time with little Pixie the dog we went back to check in to our little cottage we were staying in for the weekend.

Mum’s cousin has some horses and chickens so we went to visit them. The chickens had been let inside because it was so unbelievably cold outside!

Photo 01-03-2018, 16 25 14Photo 01-03-2018, 16 27 13

My dad was due to fly out to meet us in the Isle of Man on Friday afternoon but his flight got cancelled, so he ended up flying out on Saturday morning instead. Anyway, most of the time we spent with mum’s family (and their dogs).

Photo 02-03-2018, 21 37 47

Photo 02-03-2018, 14 51 15

On Saturday morning my grandad and I went to the Manx museum to have a look around. It was incredibly fascinating and we spent a good couple of hours there! Plus they did good hot chocolate!


We went down to Douglas seafront on Saturday afternoon and the destruction from Storm Emma was pretty obvious. Seaweed was strewn all over the road, with railings, paving slabs, roof tiles etc. It was a mess! The photos don’t really do it justice!

Photo 03-03-2018, 16 03 38Photo 03-03-2018, 16 03 42

On Sunday we spent some time down at The Sound in the cafe and looking for seals. I’m glad we saved this until the winds had died down as it wouldn’t have been very nice on any of the other days!


We then flew home on Sunday evening πŸ™‚

I’ve put together a little video of clips from the trip πŸ™‚

I hope you enjoyed this post and I’ll see you again tomorrow πŸ™‚


My Baking Wish List

If you’ve been following me for long enough on here, it may not come as a surprise to you that I love baking. It is safe to say that I have my fair share of baking stuff in the kitchen, which I plan to share with you one day, but there is still soooooo much more on my baking wish-list that I’d like to get one day!

In today’s post I thought I’d share with you some of the things on my baking wish list πŸ™‚

Wilton Piping Nozzle Set


I have several loose piping nozzles, however the more I make cakes, the more I want to learn to pipe more. One day I’d really like to own a set with more piping nozzles.

Sistema Baking ContainersΒ 


Recently I bought two of these containers to tidy up my “baking cupboard”, and actually just putting 2 bags of flour away made a big difference. I’d like to get some more of these containers to tidy up the cupboard even more.

Crave – Martha CollisonΒ 


Martha was on the Great British Bake off a few years ago and is currently the youngest contestant that has been on the show. Since Bake Off Martha has gone on and done so well for herself, she’s only like 20 but has released 2 baking books already. I have her first one but can’t wait to get my hands on her second book “Crave”. Martha also inspired the Bakeathon I organised a couple of years ago.

The Great British Bake Off: How to Avoid a Soggy Bottom

The Book People

I love baking but there is so much I’m yet to learn. I found this book a little while ago and apparently it is full of tips and tricks to get the most out of your baking.

Sieve Set


We have a sieve already but it isn’t very good and takes forever to sieve anything through it. I’d like to get a new sieve set, especially one which includes a small sieve for when you just need to sieve a spoon or two of cocoa powder.

Wilton Swirl Coupler


I’d love to make some cakes with bright buttercream in 3 colours. I know you can do it by painting the side of piping bags with food colouring, but you can also do it with these 3 swirl couplers. I think they look great fun and would love to get hold of one one day!

So those are some of the things on my baking wish list πŸ™‚ I hope you enjoyed today’s post and I’ll see you all again soon πŸ™‚

What’s in my Bag – Vlog

So this is my first ever Vlog! I hope you enjoy it.

Today I’m sharing with you what is in my bag for my latest trip away πŸ™‚ I can also confirm that I’ve got some footage for a bit of a vlog but not much yet! πŸ™‚

I hope you enjoyed this vlog, let me know what you think of it πŸ™‚

If We Were Having Coffee #1 (March, 2018)

So I’ve seen a lot of people doing posts like this so I decided it was time for me to give it a go. I’ve been wanting to do one for a while but haven’t got round to it.

Firstly, I wouldn’t be having coffee… I don’t like coffee 😦 But as it is cold today I’ll have a hot chocolate, it is actually snowing outside as I write this! πŸ™‚

Photo 21-11-2017, 11 59 13

If we were having coffee… I’d tell you how fed up I’m feeling at the moment. This job hunting can be pretty soul destroying, especially when you get to interview and then get turned down.

If we were having coffee… I’d tell you how I’m fed up of this cold weather! Yes I know people have it much colder than we do here but it is so cold at the moment! It has been -6Β°C here today all day.

If we were having coffee… I’d tell you how I want my cold to go. I have terrible pain in my ear at the moment where I’m full of cold.

If we were having coffee…Β I’d tell you how I’m looking forward to trying my hand at vlogging. I mean it might just be a phase I’m going through but I’m looking forward to giving it a go and seeing if it can help my blog grow a bit.

If we were having coffee…Β I’d tell you how the more I think about my situation at the moment the more appealing heading off travelling is. I mean I don’t have money at the moment but I’ve been looking at the possibility of doing an Au Pair placement in New Zealand for a while now, and the more I think about it the more it seems a good idea. I’m young with nothing to lose really at the moment, plus I’d love to see some more of the world while I still can, so maybe it isn’t such a bad idea.

If we were having coffee…Β I’d tell you how I’m starting to get more and more desperate to find a job. I have very little money at the moment and not being able to do anything or go anywhere or buy anything is starting to get to me.

If we were having coffee… I’d tell you how although I’m fed up of the cold and snow, I wish it would snow just a bit more so there is enough snow for me to make a snowman!

If we were having coffee…Β I’d ask you how you are and if there’s anything you want to tell me or ask me? πŸ™‚

I think that’s about it for now! I hope you enjoyed this post!

How are things going for you at the moment? Have you got any news you’d like to share?